Termo de Uso

Shipping costs 

All costs of transportation of the product are the responsibility of the CLIENT.

Shipping and services

In the import process your cargo is properly packed and stored according to ANAC standards. TRADE IMPORTS carries out the entire process from collecting, documenting, booking with the airline or shipping company, storing, stowing, containers and deliveries, as well as bringing air and sea cargo from anywhere in the world

If there are perishable cargoes, TRADE IMPORTS team has a strong presence with the Ministry of Agriculture, which expedites the issuance of the necessary documents and preserves the quality of the products.

For live loads, TRADE IMPORTS issues certificates along the competent bodies and follows up all the process from embarkation to landing.


• Selection of the most indicated type of shipment (direct or consolidated);
• Coordination of shipment abroad;
• Collect goods at your supplier through our agent network;

• Follow up with the exporter, agent abroad and airline with step-by-step information on the status of your shipment (pre-warnings and arrival notices);
• Control advance import license using; 
• Follow up from the berthing of the cargo to availability for release. 

• Follow up with the exporter, agent abroad and maritime company with step-by-step information on the status of your shipment; 
• Frequency positioning and transit time of shipping companies; 
• Collect goods at your supplier through our network of exclusive agents abroad; 
• Shipment arrival information; 
• Re-destination of containers; 
• Follow up with the competent bodies for cargo deconsolidation.


We have a modern satellite monitoring system that tracks your cargo in real time, showing our concern and providing efficiency and safety. 

Planning, logistics, safety, quality and efficiency are words that permeate our day-to-day life. 


With TRADE IMPORTS, you store your goods in your own area, safe and adequate. 


Transportation of sensitive equipment requires several procedures and special care. Providing complete infrastructure, TRADE IMPORTS dominates, scales and applies the best transport techniques necessary to carry your sensitive cargo in a tranquil, fast and efficient way. We work with all kinds of cargo, especially aviation equipment and aircraft, parts and pieces. For this, we have appropriate vehicles guaranteeing the total safety of your cargo:

Full Sider Truck: facilitates loading and unloading the goods transported, avoiding excessive handling.

Pneumatic suspension: prevents damage to the cargo. 

Total Sider: allows loading and unloading on both the sides and the overhead crane.

Exhaust hood: prevents pollution in the hangar caused by the smoke of the munck truck. 


Within its varied levels of fragility, volume and shape, each item needs a specific type of packaging. TRADE IMPORTS offers transport services with adequate packaging for each type of cargo, with extreme security and fulfilling the conditions of capacity, weight and use. We design and develop special packaging for sensitive equipment within international standards.