Our History

TRADE IMPORTS has specialized in meeting the strong demand for spare parts coming from the luxury car market.

By acting in a safe and serious manner - within the established international trade norms - the company grew fast and become a market leader in the replacement and importation business for luxury/super luxury/high luxury vehicle parts.

TRADE IMPORTS guarantees its outstanding position in the market because of the easiness of their services, lower price and deadline, excellent partnerships with suppliers and manufacturers, high quality spare parts and efficiency in service.

The company has a team of qualified professionals which can guide the customers through their most varied needs related to the maintenance of their imported vehicles, as well as offers a wide stock of spare parts, such as: engine components, bushings, bushes, joints, brake pads and discs, homo kinetics, buffers, among other items available for purchase.

It is no coincidence that TRADE IMPORTS is today a recognized company in the Import and Auto Parts business, since it aims at the constant refinement and improvement of services to meet their customers satisfaction, as well as partners and employees.

Nowadays, in addition to shipping parts throughout the country and Mercosur, TRADE IMPORTS also provides retail customers with the same excellence of service, product quality and delivery time that it offers regionally.



Your air or maritime cargo can be sent to every place in the world.

All documents for shipment to the airport are prepared by TRADE IMPORTS and, through our customs clearance department, we release the cargo for shipment to the destination. We have special partnerships with airlines to guarantee a fast and secure booking in a fast and safe way.


Even before boarding, TRADE IMPORTS's logistics team does all the strategic planning. Thus, each step is thought out and the process flows naturally. The combination of all the services provided by TRADE IMPORTS is the ideal logistics optimization. To assure this, there is monitoring, control and administration, with the pertinent measures carry on in all stages.



We perform piece importation in record time – about 10 to 15 business days in Brazil - through our Dealers. The estimated period may exceed in case of customs interference of Brazilian Federal Revenue.